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Reiki is an ancient, natural, holistic and complementary approach to healing. The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese word “rei” meaning “universal” and “ki” meaning “life energy”. This spiritually guided Universal Life Energy is drawn through us and into us by the laying-on-of-hands. You can use this energetic gift on yourself or others, in person or at a distance. It is an easy and effective way to activate our own and others’ inherent healing power to restore body, mind and spirit to a sense of wholeness and balance.

Reiki II Training coming in April

“Have you taken hands-on healing Reiki and want to learn how to be a healing channel for anyone (with their permission), anytime, anywhere (including yourself)?  Here’s your chance to learn distant Reiki healing using a photograph with seasoned Reiki Master,  Coral Prebble on the weekend of  April 26th -28th.”

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New you – new yoga!  8-week yoga session run by Power Yoga Canada At Work on  Wednesday  from 10:45-11:45am in the lounge.  $20/class for pay-as-you-go, or $15/class if you pay in advance (etransfer to karen_forgrave@hotmail.com OR pay by cheque at the first class).  Classes run Jan 10th through Feb. 28th (8 week)

prayer corner

A PRAYER CORNER is available in the Sanctuary as a safe and sacred place to offer a prayer and receive a blessing. Requests for prayers are made through the church office 416 622-4113 and
recipients must give their permission. We welcome you to make prayer requests and/or join us
to experience the power of prayer.

This is not offered at this time due to COVID-19.


Integral Healing is a hands-on, interactive process that introduces energy into the body to restore the natural flow to our energy centres. It enhances our ability to become aware of and release energy blocks.

There are four distinct kinds of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual that have natural flow paths and specialized parts to play in the harmonious flow of life. Energy blocks occur when we confuse them by using the wrong energy for the wrong purpose. Integral Healing techniques are used to clear the blocks to the natural flow of energy and allow participants to experience the gentle restfulness that comes from having natural energy flow restored.

For further information, contact the church office at 416-622-4113.

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Our vision at St. James United Church is to be a Spirit-filled, connected, transformational church that challenges the status quo and provokes interaction on our journey of faith. 


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