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55 Reasons to Celebrate

Ways in which St. James United Church Has Touched and Enriched Lives

For our 55th Anniversary we asked people to write about what being a part of St. James has done for them. We compiled 55 reasons to celebrate from the many submissions.

1. Prayers and Casseroles delivered weekly for nine months
2. Extended family in times of need
3. Warm welcome
4. Encouragement to use our talents
5. Made to feel like part of the ministry
6. Sermons: sometimes controversial, always interesting and great delivery
7. Friendships and Comfort
8. Recognition given for our efforts
9. Mind expanding courses: Film discussions, Labyrinth, N.L.P
10. Encouragement of members’ involvement in Sunday service
11. Music that has moved me to tears
12. St. James has fulfilled my spiritual needs
13. United Church Women were a good example for me through their leadership and service
14. Peter Freeman who does so much with a wry sense of humour
15. Reiki ministry connects me with God and God’s love
16. Pertinent sermons that help me live life according to God’s divine design
17. St. James instilled a sense of community and caring
18. Down to earth approach to religion
19. Openness to other faiths
20. Blessed by a Reiki team of beautiful, generous, spiritual and loving servants
21. St. James anchors my life in faith and ignites God’s presence
22. Pat and Clive’s piano/organ duets are pure magic that inspire and uplift
23. Fabulous, comprehensive Sunday School
24. Professional training for Junior and Youth Choirs
25. Power of the Prayer Group
26. A place where I can come together with like-minded people and work for social justice.
27. A safe place to test limits and boundaries as a teenager
28. The freedom-giving support to try new ministry ventures
29. Interesting and practical activities for everyone
30. My cares and problems disappear when I am here
31. Sermon stories help me experience the presence of God in my life
32. Worship and music, programs and people inspire, nurture and challenge me to new experiences, new growth, new understandings
33. Singing beautiful choir music provides my spirituality
34. Guideposts throughout my life
35. The gentleness of the Reiki practitioners stays with me for days after a treatment
36. The equality of the church where people feel comfortable speaking out about their concerns
37. St. James put its arms around me and my children 40 years ago and we still feel it today
38. Extracurricular musicales, performances and road trips have heightened my participation, stewardship and bonding with other choir members
39. Reiki has brought me closer to God’s love
40. Opportunities to do acts of kindness and caring for others
41. The minister’s positive influence, gentle understanding and interest boosted my self-worth
42. The joy and comfort of working together to make a difference
43. St. James is home
44. The U.C.W. women have nurtured me, helped me grow, grieved with me and accepted me for who I am.
45. People who go above and beyond all expectations to help and serve others inspires me
46. The great warmth and love I feel when I enter this church
47. Seeing new people and getting to know them
48. Opportunity to contribute to a world thirsty for healing
49. The compassion and tolerance of St. James
50. As a loner, often excluded, St. James has drawn me in. Being included is better!
51. I’ve been helped to see myself, the Bible and even God in a whole new way
52. Satisfied my passion for music and singing
53. Caring, helpful ministers and staff
54. Support for 53 years of life in good and sad times from children to grandchildren
55. If Jesus were here today, he would love the St. James way.