Integral Healing

The physical body is surrounded by an energized field of several layers which reflects, and in some respects determines the body state of health or dysfunction. We can, and do, affect our own and others’ energy fields in a variety of ways, both psychically and physically. Participants in “Integral Healing” can learn to perceive these energy flows for themselves.

This energized energy field concept and its workings are the crux of Integral Healing. Four distinct kinds of energy: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual have natural flow paths and specialized parts to play in the harmonious flow of life. Energy blocks occur when we confuse them by using the wrong energy for the wrong purpose. Integral healing techniques are utilized to clear the blocks to the natural flow of energy and allow participants to experience the gentle restfulness that come from having natural energy flow restored.

This format of healing requires healers to be willing to heal themselves – to find their own inner balance and fulfillment and from that attunement, to extend energies into their outer environment by helping others and positively influence their larger environment In time, when an appropriate number of participants have utilized this methodology and express an interest in learning it for themselves, such participants will be presented with concepts and experiences of grounding, centering, attuning, and charging the field and, in time if they are so inclined, learn how to direct energy to modulate the quality and quantity of energy passed on to others.


Due to Covid-19 we are currently not offering treatments.

The Well-Being Place
St. James United Church
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A training period of four years on average is required.  The pre-requisite is exposure to Eidetic and/or Integral Healing work.