Welcome to the Inspiration Page!

At St. James we have a number of programs to enlighten, edify and inspire. Please check our well-being pages for programs like yoga, reiki, feldenkrais, etc.

All are welcome to join in. Please see the calendar or call the church office for details.

Our words have impact, here are two powerful examples of prayer.

Some of our past events have included:

The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things Healing book
Larry Dossey M.D. explores medical research that validates 14 simple sources of healing.  Together we explored the healing power of optimism, music, risk, unhappiness and nothing. This was part of the Lenten Book study.

The Emerging Christian Way
A collection of essays and articles exploring a variety of views on what it means to be a Christian and live God’s love and hope on earth here and now. This was part of the Lenten Book study

Light From Many Lamps
We began an exploration of other faiths through a series of Hot Sermon Topics, after which we had opportunities to have conversations with with Raheel Raza and her guests on moderate and progressive voices of Islam.  On the topic of Judaism, we had a wonderful conversation with Rabbi Jerry Steinberg.  This was followed up with a Home Study called Light from Many Lamps, which took us deeper into other faiths as we looked at short stories from other faith traditions along with those from the Christian Faith. Through discussing the similarities and differences we learned more about others and deepen our own faith.  This was part of the Lenten Book study

Breathing Workshop with Robin Noya, a psychotherapist and movement meditation instructor, and Margo Small, a social worker at the Hospital for Sick Children, as well as a psychotherapist in private practice and movement meditation instructor.

Practicing our Faith : A Way of Life for a Searching People by Dorothy Bass.  Through this home study we will looked at ways to deepen our relationship with God by practicing our faith in everyday life.  Bass has collected essays from key leaders from different Christian Faith backgrounds on issues such as forgiveness, honoring the body, and prayer.  More information about the book may be found at


Ashes and Snow, follow this link to a web presentation of photographer Gregory Colbert’s magnificent inspiring photographic journey through sacred moments, places and creation.


GospelAdventure! Click on the image an find stories and commentary based on various Gospel readings for families and individuals of all ages.


May you be blessed. Images and text to inspire and enlighten by Kate Nowak as part of the one million blessings in one hundred days experiment.  See her you tube video click here