Feel Good Food – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Allergies: Can we accommodate allergies?

Our chef can prepare gluten-free and nut-free food. We are extremely careful to avoid cross contamination by using separate knives, cutting boards, cooking and baking utensils. However due to many different user groups of our kitchen we cannot guarantee a gluten-free or nut- free environment. For serious allergies it is safest to bring your own food.


Decorations: May we bring decorations? Yes!


Timing: If we choose interactive cooking and baking with the chef is there free-time to open gifts and play?

Yes, the interactive cooking and baking theme is 90 minutes, allowing 30 minutes for opening gifts, playing games in the hall/gym upon arrival or after the cooking/baking venue.


Duration of Party: Are parties limited to 2 hours?
Parties can be extended to up to 4 hours when the space is available at an additional cost of $10 per child.


Vegan: Do you offer vegan options?

Yes! Our chef is a vegan specialist. There will be an additional cost.