About Us

About St. James

Our Vision at St. James United Church is to be a Spirit-filled, connected, transformational church that challenges the status quo and provokes interaction on our journey of faith.

As a living expression of this vision we seek to be an inclusive congregation that embraces diversity and welcomes all people as God’s good gift to the world. We take joy in celebrating God’s presence, in singing God’s praise and in exploring our faith together. We value justice and compassion, and endeavour to be God’s hands and heart in the world reaching out to others with hope and help and healing. We are an open-minded, progressive congregation that listens respectfully, acts with integrity and leaves room for God’s mystery. We do not see ourselves as perfect, but as God’s grace-filled people through whom God chooses to make a positive difference.

At St. James United Church we aim for excellence and offer unique and exceptional ministries in music, healing and justice. You will also find a professionally staffed nursery, a first-class Sunday School with engaging and creative venues for children, and a wide range of social and service opportunities for all ages.

We are a collection of around two hundred people of all ages who are proud to be part of The United Church of Canada, which is in turn a member of the World Council of Churches.