Alzheimer Society presentation

We are pleased to announce the Alzheimer Education Workshop” Finding Joy and Humour in Caregiving”, Monday, Aug 19, St James United

Church Lounge, 130-330 PM.  Please confirm your attendance with Luba Romanow 415-622-8089. The workshop covers the benefits of using joy and humour in caregiving as well as the strategies and approaches you can adopt.

ALZ AUG 2019 Flyer Finding Joy and Humour in Caregiving(St James United Church) – August19

We are announcing is NIA Non-Impact Aerobics (A cardio dance fitness program for Caregiver and person with dementia) starting Monday Sept 9th – Oct, 21.  This was the most popular program we had earlier this year. You could not find a better way to get into shape through music and non-impact aerobics. Please contact Remy Sookhai at 416-640-6317 or .

2019 SEPT9 fLYER fall NIA-